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Custom & Bulk Hoses for High and Low-Pressure Applications

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Search for Thermoplastic hose and tubing products for use in construction, agricultural, irrigation, RV, marine, industrial and specialty hose markets

As the largest domestic manufacturer of thermoplastic hose, we make and stock a wide range of extruded hose, hose assemblies, and tubing for gas, air and fluid handling. We specialize in bulk and custom solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer.

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View our offerings by clicking on individual product listings. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs so we may partner with you for the perfect solution.

LPG Hose and Assemblies

Flex-Tech is an industry leader in propane applications. Our bulk hose solutions meet and exceed the high-quality UL and CSA standards, including hundreds of hose assembly combinations. Our propane hoses can be found in RVs, landscaping, poultry houses, inside and outside personal and industrial heaters, on weed clearing torches, and many other unique applications worldwide. 

Chemical Spray Hose and Assemblies

We supply a variety of options for the common hose products found in the chemical spray market such as tubing for pump sprayers, the 600 and 800 psi ribbed hose for truck-mounted tanks, pest-control reels, and EVA tubing for anhydrous ammonia fertilizer.

Food, Beverage and Potable Water Hoses

With some of the highest standards possible, our food and beverage hoses incorporate the highest quality domestic NSF-61, NSF-51, FDA compliant, and phthalate free plastics available. Our hoses meet and exceed the strict standards people want when using hose to process and transfer the products they eat, drink, and give to their children.

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