Food Beverage & Potable Water

beverage tubing in a restaurant

Our FDA and NSF certified potable water hoses are manufactured from carefully selected, premium grade materials to minimize taste in your food and beverages.

The food and beverage industry has one of the highest standards possible in the hose industry. We use the highest quality domestic NSF-61, NSF-51, FDA compliant, and phthalate-free plastics available. Our product meets and exceeds the strict standards people want when using hose to process and transfer the products they eat, drink, and give to their children.

When eating food or drinking a beverage, you want to taste the product and not the hose; No taste is good taste! While thermoplastic PVC hose is certainly more economical than traditional rubber hose, sanitation and taste are always at the top of our list in manufacturing a high-quality hose.

Superior Performance

Our food, beverage and potable water hoses are designed for bulk food transfer and suitable in an assortment of temperature applications and operating environments. Our hoses consistently demonstrate superior performance in breweries, dairies, homes, RVs, boats, and other facilities. We also make a specially covered PEBX hose to prevent microbes from growing due to sunlight.

Made to Order Solutions

As a volume-based supplier with in-house extrusion capabilities, we’ll design a solution that will fit your unique requirements. Our potable water transfer hoses are available in bulk reels in various sizes and lengths.

How to Shop Our Website

You can view our offerings by clicking the products below. Choose from high or low-pressure hoses in a variety sizes. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs so we may partner with you for the perfect solution.

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