Several types of hoses in different colors, some with fittings

Air & Multi-Purpose Hose for industrial applications

Multi-purpose hoses are commonly used to transport air and water for a multitude of applications. Our multi-purpose hoses can be found worldwide in industries such as meat and poultry processing facilities, grocery store food counters, breweries, dairies, and utility districts. As a volume-based supplier, we partner with engineers, project managers, sourcing agents, buyers, and owner/operators to meet their unique production needs.

Made to Order Solutions

Made in Texas from high-quality American thermoplastics, our hose and tubing meets and exceeds industrial and commercial grade standards. Our most popular air hose [LINK to RT Hose] is specially formulated from our thermoplastic blend for a fraction of the cost of rubber. For water and other liquid applications, customers often opt for our reinforced clear hose for its strength and abrasion resistance.

How to Shop Our Website

You can view our offerings by clicking the products below. We stock an assortment of hose and tubing in our Texas warehouse. Most of our solutions are custom and we suggest contacting our sales team to discuss your specific needs so we may partner with you for the perfect solution.

About Our Multi-Purpose Hoses

All our hose is flexible, durable, non-marking, and chemically resistant, while being made from the more affordable thermoplastic over traditional rubber. If you want a hose that is versatile and long lasting, Flex-Tech Hose is your hose of choice. Common applications include machine tool connections, pneumatic lines, food and beverage lines, and more.

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