rack with hose configuration coming off

Establishing Clear Requirements Leads to a Custom Product Solution


A California-based company was looking for a manufacturing partner to assist them in the development of a custom designed hose assembly to support their growing application.



A California-based manufacturing company that designs and sells Natural Gas meter bypass systems for public utility companies was looking for a custom hose assembly to solve problems caused by their current off the shelf solution.

Their bypass systems for natural gas, allows workers in the field to create a regulated shut-down point from the line from the city to a residence.  As a result, field workers can service the system and replace parts without having to shut-down service to their customers. Unfortunately, the standard hose assembly lacked the correct pressure identification, flexibility, spring guard protection and ease of connection required by the application.


The company sought a partner who could provide a custom designed product that could be tailored to meet all their requirements without a significant increase in price or large minimum order quantities that are typically associated with custom solutions..  They’re application specific labeling requirements, custom lengths, durable spring guard protection and installation flexibility expectations left them with limited options.

Action Taken

Flex-Tech worked with the customer’s team to develop a product that met and exceeded all parameters including a Certificate of Conformance that showed proof of product testing and capability for the application.  Labeling on the hose was added to show installation compliance and traceability.  We designed and sourced a spring guard to ensure the product could be installed and positioned according to the customer’s needs without the risk of kinking or damage.  It also provided extra protection for the hose in a mobile environment.

Results Generated

Flex-Tech’s design was approved by the customer’s largest end users and over time additional lengths we added as new challenges and installations became available. Our company is the documented manufacturer of choice for this product and any other variations of this product that will be required as the application expands into additional markets.

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