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Hands in teamwork
We want to listen to your application needs. Our coextrusion capability allows us to design a hose product that will fit your specific application. Whether flexibility, temperature tolerance, oil/chemical resistance, etc.. is your concern, we will work with you to accomplish your goal.
Industrial spray hose
Our capabilities and expertise allow us to meet the needs of multiple industries including, but not limited to RV, food and beverage, construction, industrial, irrigation, agriculture, and pest control. Our hoses can handle oils, light chemicals, water, air, propane, natural gas, and other fluids.
Colored Pellets
If your application requires a special color, durometer, flexibility, or need to meet a certain specification, we are always willing to adjust our proprietary blends to suit your need and make a unique hose. We can even put your name on it at no extra charge!

We are a world class hose manufacturer serving the OEM, After-market, marine, industrial, and specialty hose markets.

We make and stock a wide range of extruded hose, hose assemblies, and tubing for gas, air, and fluid handling.

Flex-Tech has listings with many of the stop standards organizations including UL, CSA, and NSF and all of our product are made to meet or exceed industry standards. We are also full-fledged members of NAHAD.


 Manifold Assembly