Chemical Spray

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High-Pressure Chemical Spray Hose

Our flexible PVC chemical agricultural spray hose is ideal for diluted solutions of water or oil-based pesticides and herbicides as well as most liquid fertilizers.

Whether for a hand or backpack pump sprayer or larger truck-mounted equipment, our flexible PVC chemical agricultural spray hose can handle multiple applications. We supply a variety of options for the common hose products found in this market.

Made to Order Solutions

As a volume-based supplier with in-house extrusion capabilities, we’ll design a solution that will fit your unique requirements. Our chem spray hoses are available in bulk reels in various sizes, colors, and lengths. Private brand labeling, and custom colors are also available.

How to Shop Our Website

You can view our offerings by clicking the products below. Choose from high or low-pressure hoses in a variety sizes. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs so we may partner with you for the perfect solution.

About Flex-Tech 

Flex-Tech Hose is a custom manufacturer of thermoplastic hose and tubing products. The company provides bulk and custom solutions for chemical agricultural spray hoses. Our solutions include tubing for pump sprayers, the 600 and 800 psi ribbed hose for truck-mounted tanks, pest-control reels, and EVA tubing for anhydrous ammonia fertilizer. Also available is the clear spiral reinforced hose that can be found on both the truck-mounted applications and the smaller backpack sprayers

About Our Chemical Spray Hoses

All our hose is abrasion resistant for reduced drag over rocks and other forms of ground cover and does not mark on concrete. Our hose is made to be durable, easy to handle, and provide long-lasting service. Our RT Series hose is a premium multi-purpose product for use in a variety of applications. The specially formulated thermoplastic provides a rubber-like look and feel at a fraction of the cost.

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