Soft Wash Supply Hose

Soft Wash Hose Rigs

Flex-Tech’s soft wash hose is used in house-washing equipment and roof cleaning equipment to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs, and other fragile building exteriors like stucco and shingles.

Hoses used for low pressure cleaning must deliver water and other specialized solutions at the correct pressure. Soft washing rigs range from simple to complex depending on the type of solution that’s required. The soft wash hose is an integral component that should be durable and cost effective.

Our soft wash supply hose features a proprietary PVC compound that enhances flexibility and durability. With a rubber-like look and feel, it will function like your current hose. Our added benefits include being lightweight, non-marking, UV resistant, compatible with most cleaning solutions, and available in ready-to-go lengths of 200 and 300 feet as well as on 500-foot reels. 

Custom Solutions for OEM’s

Flex-Tech soft wash hose is available in standard form in red, yellow, and blue on 500-foot reels.  Our standard sizes are 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch diameter with a work pressure of 300 PSI.  When minimum order requirements are met, Flex-Tech can create custom colors, lengths, and prints to suit the branding needs of your company.  Minimum orders also qualify for adjustments to suit any custom need for your rig or application include the durometer, wall thickness, and more.

Customers choose our RT Series multi-purpose hose for its flexibility, durability, and price point. It is lightweight, silicone free and UV and Ozone resistant. Our in-house extrusion capabilities allow us to design a multi-purpose hose product or assembly that will fit your specific requirements. This hose is manufactured in the USA from premium grade domestic materials.

You can learn more about the product below. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs so we may partner with you for the perfect solution.


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