LP / Natural Gas Hose & Assemblies

propane hoses with various fittings on the ends

Reinforced hose for LP and Natural Gas applications

We are a volume-based supplier of reinforced hoses for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas) and natural gas applications. Our bulk hoses meet and exceed the high-quality UL and CSA standards. We offer hundreds of hose assembly combinations that can be found in RVs, landscaping, poultry houses, inside and outside personal and industrial heaters, on weed clearing torches, and many other unique applications worldwide.

Made to Order Solutions

Our in-house extrusion capabilities allow us to design a hose product that will fit your specific requirements. Each industry has different fitting, climate, durability, and national safety standards requirements which we have the capability to meet or surpass. We are certified to design and manufacture UL 569, UL 21 and CSA 8.3 Listed hose assemblies – standards that apply to thermoplastic hose, hose couplings, and complete assemblies intended for liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas) and natural gas in specific pressures and temperatures.

How to Shop Our Website

You can view our offerings by clicking the products below. Choose from high or low-pressure hoses in a variety sizes. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs so we may partner with you for the perfect solution.

About Flex-Tech

LPG hose is the foundation of Flex-Tech Hose & Tubing, LLC. We began by manufacturing LPG hose for RV LP gas manifolds back in 1994 to replace the clumsy and heavy copper tubing found in older RVs and houseboats. Since then, we have been honing the craft and as a result are well established as the industry leader in propane applications.

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