Sourcing a Chem Spray Hose Manufactured in the U.S.  

Quality, shipping costs and lead times factored into the decision to partner with Flex-Tech.


GNC Industries is manufacturer of industrial spray equipment for the lawn care, pest control, and tree care industries. Their truck-mounted chemical spray rigs are often used in agricultural and orchard applications. The company sought a U.S.-based source for hoses. Several factors were driving their desire to find a new supplier. They were sourcing hose from Taiwan, but faced shipping container weight limits, increased shipping costs, and lead times of up to 120 days. The company also wanted to improve the reliability and quality of the hose. Competitive pricing was also a factor.


While their requirements appeared to be a tall order, they begin seeking quotes from local hose manufactures. Flex-Tech provided competitive pricing to offset the overseas procurement challenges with time, labor, and post-sales service. Our warehouse space in Texas also shortened lead times, meaning the company needed to keep less stock on hand.   

Action Taken

Flex-Tech’s team established a strong business relationship with the customer. We leveraged our existing chem spray hose and assembly products to meet their needs. We also demonstrated geographic advantages with the ability to provide better post-sale service.

Results Generated

We were able to develop a six-month blanket order and stocking program of chem spray hose for the customer to reduce the burden of sourcing from an off-short supplier. As quality, delivery time, and customer service fell into place, we cemented a long-term partnership that’s a win-win for both of us. 

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