soft wash hose rig

Soft Wash Equipment Supplier Sought a Reliable Source of Hoses 


Working in a rapidly expanding industry requires flexibility and open communication to make the partnership a win-win.



The soft wash cleaning industry encompasses equipment and cleaning solutions that safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs, and other fragile building exteriors like stucco and shingles. The rigs range from simple to complex depending on the type of solution that’s required. Our client provides turn-key soft wash systems and numerous replacement parts. Their biggest challenge was stocking the appropriate hoses in a variety of configurations.


With the soft wash market growing and the business expanding, this national company needed a reliable supplier who could meet their expanding needs. The customer was also in the process of refining their rig. They required hoses for several cleaning solutions and working pressures. One of the previous hose configurations was overdesigned, leading to a reduced lifespan for the hose.   

Action Taken

With open communication and the ability to consistently stock the appropriate hose types and lengths, we were able to successfully partner with this customer. Because we offer in-house extrusion, we offer more flexibility than most hose suppliers. By understanding the customer’s needs, we adjusted our stocking levels to accommodate their limited warehouse space and shorter-lead times.

Results Generated

Since partnering with this customer, we’ve provided soft wash rig hose in a variety of sizes and configurations. The business continues to grow as consumers seek a safe way to keep exterior surfaces clean.

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