Polyethylene/EVA Beverage Hose

  • Polyethylene/EVA Beverage Hose

Polyethylene/EVA Beverage Hose

Item # Product Name
PEB-04CC-00 1/4in Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose
PEB-06CC-00 3/8in Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose
PEB-08CC-00 1/2in Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose



Flexible Polyester-reinforced Polyethylene/EVA beverage hose (PEB Series) manufactured from carefully selected, premium grade, low taste and odor materials that comply with FDA and NSF/ANSI-51. Extruded with synthetic high tensile textile cord for improved coupling retention, higher pressure ratings, and longer lasting product integrity and durability when compared to standard LLDPE tubing

Potential Use

  • Soft drink fountain machines
  • Beverage dispensing of coffee and related products, i.e. fruit juice, tea,frozen drinks
  • Water service both carbonated and non-carbonated
  • Dairy product dispensing machines
  • Food product distribution and dispensing
  • Draught beer, wine, liquor distribution and dispensing systems


  • Low taste and odor, smooth bore for quick product changes, easy flush-ability, and cleanout
  • Lightweight, flexible, kink-resistant, & non-marking
  • Reliable low and high temperature properties including high environmental stress crack resistance characteristics
  • Designed for easy coiling, assembly, and installation
  • Spiral reinforced for extended service life
  • Specially formulated clarity for product and cleanliness inspection while in use
  • Excellent chemical resistance to CO2 (wet/dry) rated A up to 70°F and A/B up to 140°F

Product Specifications

Additional Information

Tube Material FDA approved (regulation 21 CFR 177.1520) and NSF/ANSI-51 listed Polyethylene.
Reinforcement Synthetic, high tensile textile cord
Cover Material FDA approved Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer
Standard Colors Translucent Clear
Temperature Range -40◦ F (-40◦ C) to 150◦ F (65.5◦ C)
Fittings Available Not applicable
Phthalate Free Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Certification NSF/ANSI 51 and FDA compliant materials
Standard Size(s) 1/4in - 1/2in
Working Pressure 250-300 psi
Safety Factor 3:1 or 4:1
Standard Length(s) 300ft - 500ft
Weight per foot Varies by size and length
Assembled No

Item Details

Standard Size(s) O.D. Working Pressure Safety Factor Standard Length(s) Bend Radius (in) Weight (Lbs) Stocked Assembled
1/4in 0.420in 300 psi 4:1 300ft - 500ft 1in 0.036 Yes No
3/8in 0.535in 300 psi 3:1 300ft - 500ft 1.5in 0.05 Yes No
1/2in 0.675in 250 psi 3:1 300ft - 500ft 2in 0.063 Yes No


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