TPV/Santoprene(TM) Tubing

  • TPV/Santoprene(TM) Tubing

TPV/Santoprene(TM) Tubing

Item # Product Name
TR-0360X-00 3/16in x 0.060in wall Santoprene TPV Tubing
TR-04100X-00 1/4in x 0.100in wall Santoprene TPV Tubing
TR-0460X-00 1/4in x 0.060in wall Santoprene TPV Tubing
TR-06060X-00 3/8in x 0.500in wall Santoprene TPV Tubing
TR-06100X-00 3/8in x 0.580in wall Santoprene TPV Tubing
TR-08125X-00 1/2in x 0.125in wall Santoprene TPV Tubing
*For color replace "X" with G = Grey, B = Black, N = Natural



Santoprene(TM) TPV tubing (TPR Series) is a thermoplastic vulcanizate in the thermoplastic elastomer family. It is highly flexible and can be used in a wide variety of applications where stable mechanical properties are needed in wide temperature extremes. Produced to very tight tolerances, this product is resistant to flex fatigue, UV, and ozone, as well as the most common chemicals and oils.

Potential Use

  • Peristalic pump tubing
  • Drain and vent lines
  • Low pressure food or pharmaceutical distribution and dispensing (natural color only) i.e. condiments, food powders, liquid toppings
  • Electrolytes and battery maintenance system


  • Available in black, grey, or NSF-61/ANSI and FDA natural colors
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Impermeable to most gasses and moisture
  • 25 - 30% lighter in weight to standard PVC and EPDM
  • Extreme low temperature flexibility
  • Designed for easy coiling, assembly, and installation
  • Compliant to RoHS and EU 2003/11/EC and Prop 65

Product Specifications

Additional Information

Tube Material Smooth bore, thermoplastic vulcanizate
Cover Material
Standard Colors Black, Grey and Natural
Temperature Range -80◦ F (-622.222◦ C) to 180◦ F (82.222◦ C)
Fittings Available Not applicable
Phthalate Free Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Certification FDA Compliant and ANSI/NSA-61 Listed Material
Standard Size(s) 3/16in - 1 in
Working Pressure 45 - 150 psi
Safety Factor N/A
Standard Length(s)
Weight per foot Varies by size and length
Assembled No

Item Details

Standard Size(s) O.D. Working Pressure Safety Factor Standard Length(s) Bend Radius (in) Weight (Lbs) Stocked Assembled
3/16in 0.31in N/A N/A 200ft - 500ft 0.5in 0.036 Yes No
1/4in 0.46in N/A N/A 200ft - 500ft 0.63in 0.055 Yes No
1/4in 0.38in N/A N/A 200ft - 500ft 0.63in 0.042 Yes No
3/8in 0.5in N/A N/A 200ft - 500ft 1.5in 0.06 Yes No
3/8in 0.58in N/A N/A 200ft - 500ft 1.2in 0.075 Yes No
1/2in 0.75in N/A N/A 200ft - 500ft 1.7in 0.015 Yes No


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