UV Resistant Black PE/EVA Beverage Hose

  • UV Resistant Black PE/EVA Beverage Hose

UV Resistant Black PE/EVA Beverage Hose

Item # Product Name
PEBX04CC00 1/4in UV Resistant Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose
PEBX06CC00 3/8in UV Resistant Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose
PEBX08CC00 1/2in UV Resistant Polyester-Reinforced Polyethylene Beverage Hose



Our black Polyester-reinforced Polyethylene/EVA beverage hose (PEBX Series) specially formulated for superior UV resistance to microbial growth in outdoor or direct sunlight installation. Premium grade, low taste and odor materials that comply with FDA and NSF/ANSI-51.

Potential Use

  • Soft drink fountain machines
  • Remote indoor or outdoor connections to various food and beverage systems
  • Water service both carbonated and non-carbonated
  • Dairy product dispensing machines
  • Draught beer, wine, liquor distribution and dispensing systems
  • Marine potable water systems


  • UV stabilized black or blue cover prevents damaging transmission of light and harmful UV radiation to the liquid being conveyed (Lower light has been proven to reduce microbial and algae growth in water and other liquids)
  • Low taste and odor, smooth bore tube for easy flush-ability and cleanout, and quick product changes
  • Good low and high temperature properties including high environmental stress crack resistance characteristics
  • Designed for easy coiling, assembly and installation
  • Heavy-duty wall for improved kink-resistant & non-marking

Product Specifications

Additional Information

Tube Material FDA approved (regulation 21 CFR 177.1520) and NSF/ANSI-51 listed Polyethylene.
Reinforcement Synthetic, high tensile textile cord
Cover Material UV Stabilized FDA approved Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Copolymer
Standard Colors UV Stabilized Black
Temperature Range -40◦ F (-40◦ C) to 150◦ F (65.5◦ C)
Fittings Available Not applicable
Phthalate Free Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Certification NSF/ANSI 51 and FDA compliant materials
Standard Size(s) 1/4in - 1/2in
Working Pressure 250-300 psi
Safety Factor 3:1 or 4:1
Standard Length(s) 300ft - 500ft
Weight per foot Varies by size and length
Assembled No

Item Details

Standard Size(s) O.D. Working Pressure Safety Factor Standard Length(s) Bend Radius (in) Weight (Lbs) Stocked Assembled
1/4in 0.45 in 300 psi 4:1 300ft - 500ft 1in 0.045 Yes No
3/8in 0.595in 300 psi 3:1 300ft - 500ft 1.5in 0.077 Yes No
1/2in 0.735in 250 psi 3:1 300ft - 500ft 2in 0.09 Yes No


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