FLEX-PRO Hybrid Air

  • FLEX-PRO Hybrid Air

FLEX-PRO Hybrid Air

Item # Product Name
PHA-04XX-RL 1/4in Bulk FLEX-PRO Hybrid Air
PHA-06XX-RL 3/8in Bulk FLEX-PRO Hybrid Air
PHA-08XX-RL 1/2in Bulk FLEX-PRO Hybrid Air
*For color replace "xx" with BLD = dark blue, YW = yellow



Flex-Pro Hybrid Air Hose (PHA series) combines the flexibility and durability of rubber with the lightweight and abrasion resistant properties of thermoplastic. It resists kinking and remains flexible even in extremely cold weather applications. Available in bulk reels or coils, finished hose assemblies, or cut-lengths.

Potential Use

  • Cold weather service
  • Air tool and compressor hose
  • Water soluble chemical spray
  • Heavy-duty commercial and construction use
  • Automotive shops


  • Excellent service across multiple low temperature applications
  • Meets RMA (Class B) oil resistance
  • Rubberized thermoplastic for enhanced flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and aging

Product Specifications

Additional Information

Tube Material Specially Formulated Hybrid TPR Compound
Reinforcement Synthetic high tensile strength cord
Cover Material Specially Formulated Hybrid TPR Compound
Standard Colors Dark Blue and Yellow
Temperature Range neg 40◦F (-40◦C) to 150◦F (65◦C)
Fittings Available 0
Phthalate Free Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes
Standard Size(s) 1/4in - 1/2in
Working Pressure 300 psi
Safety Factor 4:1
Standard Length(s) 500 ft Reel
Weight per foot Varies by size and length
Assembled See APHA for Assemblies

Item Details

Standard Size(s) O.D. Working Pressure Safety Factor Standard Length(s) Bend Radius (in) Weight (Lbs) Stocked Assembled
1/4in 1/4in 300 psi 4:1 500 ft Reel 0.63in 0.08699999999999999 Yes See APHA for Assemblies
3/8in 3/8in 300 psi 4:1 500 ft Reel 1in 0.098 Yes See APHA for Assemblies
1/2in 1/2in 300 psi 3:1 500 ft Reel 1.5in 0.15 Yes See APHA for Assemblies


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